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5 Tips for Slowing the Corner Down with Manny Egusquiza

Header Manny Egusquiza shows how slowing the corner down for his heelers actually makes the whole run faster.


Contrasting Two Types of Heeling Position with Brad Culpepper

Brad Culpepper talks about the two types of heeling positions.

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Roping Steers: How Long Will Downsizing Last?

Please note, this article is from the June 2012 issue of the Spin to Win Rodeo Magazine.


The Jackpot Move: Holding Up the Head Horse with Dustin Bird

Dustin Bird explains how to hold your horse up in a jackpot scenario.


Maintaining the Head Horse with Clay Tryan

Clay Tryan is a consistent top-five header and perennial threat for the world title. His secret? Good horses. After his great horse Thumper was retired, he broke out two new greats: Cate, a sorrel mare, and Dew, a bay gelding. His success rides on their performance, so here a few of his tips for keeping head horses sound and working solid.


Being Ahead of the Game with Patrick Smith

To be successful, it’s about being ahead of the game, not chasing. When we’re ahead of the steer and ahead of the game, we’re waiting on them to do what we want instead of just trying to catch up and make a shot. That’s why keeping the pocket is important. We set everything up so we’re ahead of the steer before the corner even starts.


6 Steps to Heading with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile's tips for heading, step-by-step.

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Breaking in Fresh Steers with Luke Brown

Roping a fresh steer for the first time is more important than anything. Not to pull him too fast and make sure you get him heeled, come tight and drop him. A lot of people put the head loop on in the chute the first couple of times just to make sure you don’t miss him. Some people just rope them and bump them a little and then turn them back loose. It’s way more fun to just wrap them and go to them. With as many steers as we break in around here, we try to keep it simple and fun, but you have to do it right because the first couple of times are really important.


Setting an Example with Kory Koontz

Kory Koontz on how position, timing and scoring go back to walking as a Christian.

Rope Horse Care

Secrets to Keeping Your Rope Horse Sharp with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile, the 26-time World Champion roper, reveals his secrets for keeping his horses sharp.

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