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Ladies Standings are Lit 

The headers of the USTRC Cinch Ladies standings have arrived and all new competitors for the season have three spots in the Top 5. In the heeling, one standings newcomer entered into the already-established three-way tied for third.

Bill Force

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Tour de Force: Lt. Col. Bill Force

Lt. Col. Bill Force (ret.) was military first, then law enforcement. Since sinking his teeth into team roping, he’s putting all of his networks to work doing immeasurable good.

Tamm West-White

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She-Wolf: Tammy West-White Is the PRCA’s Winningest Female Team Roper

For Tammy West-White, the PRCA’s winningest female team roper, there was never a glass ceiling—only the love of the sport.

Resistol Jr.

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Weston Baucom Makes Resistol Jr. Top 5

While the No. 1 and No. 2 heading spots remain in place, North Carolina’s Weston Baucom became a Top 5 contender with his June successes.

Roberto Torres Jr

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El Charro: Roberto Torres, Jr.

For 20-some years, Colorado's Roberto Torres, Jr., has been swinging a rope as a team roper, but also as an internationally competitive charro.

USTRC’s Resistol Jr

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USTRC’s Resistol Jr Race Heats Up Down South

New this year, the USTRC’s Resistol Jr Champion program hits its stride in the South, as Alabama header Aiden Perrett takes an early lead, while Georgia’s Houston Childers and Texas’ Kelby Frizzell are tied for first on the heel side.

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Making Good: Wyoming Spur and Buckle Maker Justin Erickson

Wyoming spur and buckle maker Justin Erickson believes in making quality goods, but gets the most enjoyment out of using what he builds to do good.

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Career Conservationist: Greg D. Robertson

USTRC Cinch NFTR winner Greg D. Robertson didn’t plan on a career in conservation management, but he’s just closed the books on a 40-year run.

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Warrior Nation: Erich Rogers, Derrick Begay and Aaron Tsinigine Host WAR Team Roping Clinic

To honor the service and sacrifice of the military veterans of their home Nation, Navajo ropers Erich Rogers, Derrick Begay & Aaron Tsinigine partnered with Warriors and Rodeo to provide a free clinic.

USTRC Cinch Ladies

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USTRC Cinch Ladies: 2022–2023 Rules and Changes Update

Changes to the Cinch Ladies High-Points Award for the 2022–2023 season are as follows...

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