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Lone Headers Make Top 5 Moves in December

The current USTRC Resistol Jr. Champion and USTRC Cinch Ladies standings.

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Dolli Lautaret (1950–2022): Competitive & Kind

Remembering Dolli Lautaret: World Champion heeler, brilliant horseman and mother to contributing writer Jolee Lautaret Jordan.

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Remembering Doug Miller

In September of 2022, the roping community lost a man of legend in Doug Miller.

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On Leave, On the Heels: Kyle Vinyard

In October, Chief Warrant Office Kyle Vinyard was on leave and fresh off a deployment to NATO's Eastern Front. He returned to work Nov. 1 but, in between, he competed at the PAFRA World Championship Rodeo and showed at the AQHA World, where he became the Level 2 Amateur Heeling World Champion.

Winter Cattle

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Winter is Coming

As what is predicted to be a tough winter for the ag industry looms, we checked in with folks across the country to see how they handle winter cattle care.

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From Bootstraps to Top Brass: Redgie Probst

Utah’s Redgie Probst had some hard-knock beginnings but is now the COO of a Fortune 200 company. At first glance, he’s living large, but the value of good leadership and teamwork retains a strong hold in his story.

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Top 5 Action for USTRC Cinch Ladies

Ties remain in the Top 5 on both sides of the USTRC Cinch Ladies standings, but newcomers and newly earned points alike means the race for year-end victory is still anyone’s game. 

PAFRA World Championship

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Tonight: PAFRA World Championship Rodeo Begins

Starting tonight, Oct. 20, members of PAFRA—the Professional Armed Forces Rodeo Association—will compete for three nights in the World Championship Rodeo. Here’s what you need to know.

USTRC Resistol JR

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Finally in First: Walker Guy & Houston Childers 

USTRC Cinch Ladies

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Tight Race at Top of Ladies Standings

USTRC Cinch Ladies header Tracey Nelson holds onto her top spot with a few additional points while heeler Voy McNeil dark-horses her way into a tie for first with Staci Mitchell.

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