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How Much Desensitizing Does Your Rope Horse Need?

Riding a horse through goosiness will give you a better mount in the end.


Trevor Brazile Video: How and Why Gag Bits Can Help Your Head Horse

Here's how a gag bit can help your head horse leave flatter and score better.


Disciplined Horsemanship: Disciplining Yourself to Regain A Horse’s Composure

Disciplining yourself is key to regaining your horse’s composure in the box.


Brazile: Why Bits Matter in the Box, and How to Choose One Wisely

In this month's Relentless Insights, 24-time World Champion Trevor Brazile breaks down how he chooses a bit that fits each horse.

Team Roping Tips

Chains, Ports and Gags: Trevor Brazile’s Bit Theory

Trevor Brazile answers fan's question on how chains, ports and gags each fit into a head horse program.

Team Roping Gear

Brazile: What Team Ropers Don’t Know About Cinches

Trevor Brazile explains how he likes his cinches to fit his horses and why cinch fit is so important in team roping, in the first installment of Relentless Insights, brought to you by Cactus Ropes.


Adding Intensity with Trevor Brazile

How to Introduce Intensity to Your Horses Throughout Their Training.


3 Mistakes Headers Make When Trying to Up Their Horsemanship That Hinder Their Roping Instead

The 26-time World Champion Cowboy’s take on horsemanship, team roping and the mental game each month, exclusively in The Team Roping Journal.

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