Clay Tryan and Jake Long just needed a clean run to win the $50,000-a-man RodeoHouston title at last out in the Super Series Championship Shootout, and they were, of course, the men for the job. 

The flag fell in 6.4 seconds, putting Tryan and Long atop the PRCA’s World Standings for the first time in their three years roping together—a spot they don’t look to relinquish any time soon. 

Partners since the 2019 Finals, this is the first time Tryan and Long sit atop the PRCA world standings together, Tryan with $65,921 and Long the identical sum. Tryan and Long are $18,216 ahead of reigning world champs Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira who split third at RodeoHouston and walked away with $28,500.

The Score host Chelsea Shaffer called each guy on their drive home from the rodeo to talk all things Houston and find out what this means for their regular seasons.

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