Jackyl—the larger-than-life legend of a horse ridden by greats from a 15-year-old Travis Graves to Kory Koontz, Michael Jones, Allen Bach, Jade Corkill and Jim Ross Cooper. The unregistered dun gelding earned over $2 million in his storied career, carried Bach and Corkill to gold buckles, and earned worldwide fame as the greatest horse to ever pull back—and I mean PULL BACK—on a steer.


We’ve told his story for years, and with his death in December of 2018, we embarked on a video project to tell his life’s story—complete with video of some of his biggest wins—with our partners at Soft Ride Equine Comfort Boots, which Jackyl wore throughout the end of his competitive career. 


But this podcast is Jackyl like you’ve never heard him before. We dive deeper into this icon’s story, with the help of Travis Graves, Jade Corkill and Kory Koontz.


The story starts in Jay, Oklahoma, when a teenage Travis Graves—who with his dad helped buy and sell horses for a lot of local families—came to ride this outlaw buckskin.

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