Miles Baker was Trevor Brazile’s partner on the head horse, Smartys Dunny, that just sold for $250,000 last weekend at the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio, and he’s partners with Brazile on many of the top-tier horses you’ve seen the King of the Cowboys on everywhere from the BFI to the American Rope Horse Futurity Association’s World Championship.

He’s part of the secret sauce for Trevor Brazile, Joseph Harrison and Lari Dee Guy when it comes to making great horses.

We tapped him in fall 2020 to provide us with this audio roping and horsemanship lesson, and it’s one like we’ve never offered before. He breaks down how their horses got prepared for the ARHFA—where Brazile won over $100,000 alone.

Baker has studied Brazile’s horsemanship, and he’s keyed in on the preparation needed to create the kind of horses the $7-million cowboy can take to the next level.  

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