Full disclosure: We recorded this episode with The King of the Cowboys, Trevor Brazile, in mid-October—a month before he won his seventh Steer Roping World title, 25th gold buckle and fourth NFSR average title. It just so happens we had it scheduled for today’s #RopeVegas bonus episode of The Score, brought to you by Resistol.

There’s life outside rodeo, and Trevor Brazile is finding it. The last time he and I talked, back on Episode 2 of The Score, the elephant in the room was his retirement. He hadn’t yet made any announcements publicly, but he and I both knew what he wanted to do. So that podcast was sort of hard for me to do—knowing there was so much I wanted to talk to him about that was understandably off limits. This one, though, is a no-holds-barred conversation about his first year off the road. I’ve gotten the privilege to pick his brain this year about what he’s doing with his young horses in the arena, and we share a lot of it through our Relentless Insights at TheTeamRopingJournal.com. In this conversation we get deeper than ever before on horse training and prospects, and we check in on how he’s adjusting to life at home with his family. Here is Trevor Brazile.

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