As the only true team event in the sport of rodeo, that team aspect is vital. Two-time World Champion Patrick Smithrecognizes this and has created an instructional video based around it, and come November 2023, it’s streaming exclusively on

His new instructional video by PoleStar Visuals, Stay Driven, will focus on the team component of the sport, an element often overlooked by ropers of all levels and will use never-before-seen camera angles and video technology to deepen viewers’ understanding of the sport. 

On this episode of The Short Score, Smith joins Chelsea Shaffer, host of The Score, to talk about his new instructional video.


This episode is brought to you by R. Watson Boots as part of Women in Rodeo Month 2023. R. Watson Boots has joined The Team Roping Journal, The Breakaway Roping Journal, and in celebrating Women in Rodeo Month to honor the ladies who drive the sport forward.