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Team roping tips for every level of roper, whether heading, heeling, training rope horses or selecting gear, equine nutrition or arena setups.

Boost your team roping abilities with expert tips and techniques from The Team Roping Journal. Learn from seasoned professionals on everything from horse training to arena setup and improve your performance in the roping arena. Articles and interviews from World Champions, NFR qualifiers, horse trainers and top jackpotters to help you learn how to team roper better. With tips on heading, heeling, horsemanship and inner strength, The Team Roping Journal’s roping tips are essential reading for anyone who wants to take more trips to the pay window.
Getting Set For Go-Time: The High Season of Rodeo
"Now is the time to get to building some momentum."
Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker mounted on horses in an indoor arena.
Quitting on a Miss
Can you quit your practice session on a miss? You bet.
Steer Control with Brock Hanson
How to give your heeler a fair read through the corner by making sure your rope is tight between your saddle horn and the steer’s head.
A High Top Strand: Jeremy Buhler Talks RodeoHouston Winning Run
Jeremy Buhler breaks down the 5.5-second run that earned him a RodeoHouston team roping title.
Manny Egusquiza and Denton Parrish practice on a roping dummy.
How Much Rope Do You Want Between Your Hands?
Manny Egusquiza and Denton Parish demonstrate the ideal length of rope to have between your hands.
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