Money Steer Report: Round 8

Which steer is the best? And which one do the top 15 NOT want?

This will be the third run on the second pen of Hill Rodeo Cattle’s NFR steers for 2022.

This is the smallest pen, and they weigh around 480 pounds each. The slower ones were pulled off this set, so team ropers should be in the barrier looking to get them caught before they run out of arena. Bobby Joe Hill breaks down the prospects for the round and picks out the money steer.

Round 8 Draw

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira: 4

Cody Snow missed this steer in Round 5, but Clay Smith and Jake Long were 4.1 on him to win Round 2. Medium plus the first time through in the run through, and they missed him and brought him back in the run through. So he’s got one more run on him.

Jake Orman and Brye Crites: 9

Driggers and Nogueira were 4.4 on this one in Round 2, and he was the day-money steer in Round 5 with a 3.8 for Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill.

Riley Minor and Brady Minor: 1

Rhen Richard missed him in Round 5, but Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith were 4.4 on him in Round 2. He was medium in the run through, and he’s smaller bodied and with bigger horns. This is probably the money steer.

Lightning Aguilera and Jonathan Torres: 8

This was the extra. He’s stronger and fights the handle. Riley and Brady Minor got him down in 5.4.

Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp: 6

Jake Orman missed him in Round 5, and Joseph Harrison roped a leg on him in Round to be 9.3. He’s medium plus.

Chad Masters and Joseph Harrison: 5

JR Dees missed him in Round 2, and Jonathan Torres missed him in Round 5. He’s not been caught yet, but he should be medium.

JR Dees and Levi Lord: 38

Clay Tryan took a no-time on this steer in Round 2, and Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith were 4.9 on him in Round 5. He was medium-plus in the run through.

Tyler Wade and Trey Yates: 3

Nobody’s caught him yet, but Tyler Wade has proved us wrong every night so we’ll give them the money steer tonight.

Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler: 22

This is the steer that Driggers was a bit late on in Round 5—the one they took a no-time with when Nogueira’s horse stepped in his loop. Medium plus. He’s one they moved down from the medium-sized set, so he’s a tick bigger. Logan Medlin roped a let on him in Round 2 to be 8.9;.

Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves: 10

Riley and Brady Minor were 5.1 on this steer in Round 2, and Tyler Wade missed him in Round 5.

Tanner Tomlinson and Patrick Smith: 18

Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins doctored his one in 5.2 seconds in Round 5, Dustin Egusquiza missed him in Round 2.

Coleman Proctor and Logan Medlin: 2

Jake Orman and Brye Crites got him down in 4.8 seconds, and JR Dees broke the barrier on him in Round 5 to be 13.8.

Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins II: 15

Clay Smith and Jake Long were 8.6 on this one with a fast leg in Round 5, and Rhen Richard split the horns had to fish and was 10.1 in Round 2.

Clay Smith and Jake Long: 12

Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp were 4.9 in Round 2, and Dustin Egusquiza and Travis Graves sped him up in Round 5 with a 3.9 at first out. He was medium plus when they ran him through.

Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill: 13

This was the day-money steer from Round 5 that Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill roped in 3.8 seconds. Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins were 4.3 on him in Round 2.

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