Never Miss A Jackpot: TRJ July 2019 Issue Event Ads

Don't want to miss a jackpot? Check out the event ads from the July 2019 Issue of The Team Roping Journal.
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146_TTRJ_0719_LR copy
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141_TTRJ_0719 copy
140_TTRJ_0719 copy
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129_TTRJ_0719 copy
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127_TTRJ_0719 copy
126_TTRJ_0719 copy
125_TTRJ_0719 copy
124_TTRJ_0719 copy
123_TTRJ_0719 copy
122_TTRJ_0719 copy
121_TTRJ_0719_LR copy
120_TTRJ_0719 copy
119_TTRJ_0719 copy
118_TTRJ_0719 copy
117_TTRJ_0719 copy
116_TTRJ_0719 copy
115_TTRJ_0719 copy
114_TTRJ_0719 copy
113_TTRJ_0719 copy
112_TTRJ_0719 copy
111_TTRJ_0719 copy
110_TTRJ_0719 copy
109_TTRJ_0719 copy
108_TTRJ_0719 copy
107_TTRJ_0719_LR copy
106_TTRJ_0719 copy
105_TTRJ_0719 copy
104_TTRJ_0719 copy
103_TTRJ_0719 copy
102_TTRJ_0719 copy
101_TTRJ_0719 copy
100_TTRJ_0719 copy
099_TTRJ_0719 copy
098_TTRJ_0719 copy
097_TTRJ_0719 copy
096_TTRJ_0719 copy
095_TTRJ_0719 copy
094_TTRJ_0719 copy
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086_TTRJ_0719 copy
085_TTRJ_0719_LR copy