Buckle Up with Justin Davis

The Texas header is in the middle of the greatest battle of his life as his wife Casee undergoes chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Texas header Justin Davis had been plugging away in his circuit since he first bought his card in 2001, but 2013 was the year that everything he’d worked for came together. He spent 2011 and 2012 on the road really learning what it takes to make the Finals, and he caught the attention of Clay O’Brien Cooper.


Davis called Cooper and asked him to rope, and Cooper told him he needed a few days to pray about it. After three days, Cooper called and said, “Well, are you ready to make the Finals?”

Sure enough, they’d go on to place in four rounds of the Wrangler National Finals in 2013, and Davis won enough in his home state of Texas to make the Ram Texas Circuit Finals where he picked up Ryan Motes as a partner.

“Ryan and I have roped together some over the years,” Davis said. “In 2004 or 2005, we went to some amateur rodeos and jackpots together, and he’s a great friend of mine. We made three great runs in Waco, and I’d always wanted to win that rodeo. It was a major goal of mine.”

Davis won the rodeo on Spring Fling, a mare that he hopes will help him make a return trip to the Finals in 2016. Davis’ wife, Casee, is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer this year but wants him to stay on the road chasing his dreams with partner Zane Bruce. 

“When Casee and I found out what she was fixing to have to endure and battle, I thought for a second well maybe rodeo isn’t the deal this year,” Davis said. “But she wants me to go. She’s all for me going. I was taken aback—I didn’t want to be busy during this time, I want to be there for her and support her. But still I find myself being pushed by her. She wants me to go and accomplish goals. She’s such an amazing woman.”

At press time, Davis sits 12th in the PRCA world standings with $19,300 won.