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ProRodeo’s Richest Ropers: Clay O’ Talks Clay Tryan’s PRCA Earnings Record

Clay O'Brien Cooper and Fast Back Ropes' Coy Upchurch talk Clay Tryan's new PRCA earnings record on this episode of "The Score."

Clay Tryan NFR Victory Lap

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Clay Tryan is Now the Richest ProRodeo Team Roper of All-Time.

Clay Tryan has topped the $3-million mark in ProRodeo earnings.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Your Riding Style Impacts Your Roping Longevity

Your riding style affects your ability to have a long career in the roping arena.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Successful Team Ropers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Ropers of every shape and size can reach heading, heel with the best, be fast at both ends and be consistent.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

When Fate Stepped in and Made Me a Heeler with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares his journey from switching from heading to heeling.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

The Fine Art of Maximizing Roping Profits with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Riding the Roping Roller Coaster with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about learning how to manage team ropings ups and downs.

Team Ropers

Arizona Legends: Top Ropers Out of Arizona

Team roping roots run deep in Grand Canyon state.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Work Ethic: A Fundamental at the Foundation of Every Great Roper with Clay O’Brien Cooper

How building a strong work ethic pays off in team roping with Clay O'Brien Cooper.

Team Roping Tips

The Benefits of Watching Your Team Roping Runs In Slow Motion

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares how watching your runs on video help you to see what's actually happening, verses what you feel happened.

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