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Arizona Legends: Top Ropers Out of Arizona

Team roping roots run deep in Grand Canyon state.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Work Ethic: A Fundamental at the Foundation of Every Great Roper with Clay O’Brien Cooper

How building a strong work ethic pays off in team roping with Clay O'Brien Cooper.

Rodeo Road

The Evolution of Team Roping

Team roping found its origins in cowboys doctoring cattle across the West, with California’s vaqueros leading the charge. That was until a few key players and watershed moments made it the highest-paying Western sport and an industry all its own.

Team Roping Tips

The Benefits of Watching Your Team Roping Runs In Slow Motion

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares how watching your runs on video help you to see what's actually happening, verses what you feel happened.

Clay O'Brien Cooper Team Roping Journal

Team Roping Tips

Strategic Thoughts Trigger the Right Reactions with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper has been able to visit with the elite guys and really break roping down.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score’s Season 2 Kicks Off Jan. 24 with Spencer Mitchell

Spencer Mitchell joins The Score host Chelsea Shaffer on the podcast's Season 2 Opener.


Mastering Fundamentals with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Cooper shares how having fundamentals are the foundation for all ropers.

Jake Barnes heading a steer for Clay O'Brien Cooper.


Clay O’Brien Cooper’s Heeling Horsemanship Advice

Clay O'Brien Cooper discusses his heeling horsemanship tips.


Clay O’Brien Cooper on Standing Up or Sitting Down When Heeling

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