The Navajo Nation's Ironman
World Champion Header Erich Rogers won his first Cinch Timed Event Championship in nine attempts at the Lazy E Arena for a $104,000 payday.
Clayman Rolling Through 2022 JR Ironman After 2 Rounds
Clay Clayman goes into the final round of the JR Ironman presented by the WCRA with a 21.7-second lead on eight head.
01_Marcus Theriot 2021 TEC, James Phifer 3-13-21-JP-TEC5-759
Timed Event Titans Headed Back into Battle at the Lazy E
As this year’s Timed Event Titans prepare for battle, it’s the perfect time to take true, hard-core cowboy fans inside the belly of the beast that is the Ironman of Pro Rodeo.
Shad Mayfield Gets Set to Test Timed Event Waters in Five Events
Shad Mayfield is set to compete at his first-ever Cinch Timed Event Championship.
Theriot Marcus 3-13-21-JP-TEC5-431
Full List of 2022 Cinch Timed Event Championships Contestants
The complete list of the 2022 Cinch Timed Event Championships contenders.
Theriot Moves to No. 1 in the Average at the Cinch Timed Event Championship; Hall Secures Round 3 Win
Marcus Theriot moved to No. 1 in the average at the Cinch Timed Event Championship with a total of 197.7 seconds on 15 head. Seth Hall won Round 3 with a time of 56.9 seconds on five head.
Smith Continues to Lead Cinch Timed Event Championships after Round 2; Waters Wins Round 2
Clay Smith continues to best the field after knocking down 10 head in 120.3 seconds. Tyler Waters takes the Round 2 Victory Lap after stopping the clock in 53.9 seconds.
Smith Leads Cinch Timed Event Championship with Round 1 Win
Clay Smith leads the Cinch Timed Event Championship after Round 1 with a time of 57.8 seconds in five events.
OPen Derrick Begay - Trey Yates NNN_7138
The Short Score: Open Title Fights Champions Derrick Begay and Trey Yates
The Short Score on Feb. 16, 2021 with special guests Derrick Begay and Trey Yates, brought to you by the Cinch Timed Event Championships.
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