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Team Roping Tips

Box Work with Rhen Richard


5 Challenges Heelers Face with Walt Woodard

Walt Woodard breaks down five common heeling challenges.

Rope Horses

How to Make a Rope Horse Anyone Can Ride

Zane Bruce has spent a lifetime training horses for the public. Here are his insights into making one most ropers can get along with.


5 Steps to Re-Energizing Your Roping

How Kory Koontz reinvigorated his roping before his 2021 Bob Feist Invitational win.


Making Your Rope Horse Respect You with Tyler Wade

Your horse has to be listening to you every step of the way to give you the best shot with your rope.


Junior Nogueira’s Corner That Catches

Junior Nogueira has been working on improving his corner on all of his horses by improving his own riding and their responsiveness to his hands, feet and body.


SURE SHOT: Riding to Position with Wesley Thorp

Wesley Thorp rides to position to ensure his signature smooth finish.


Time to Step Up with Cody Snow

The when and how of asking your green horse to step up.


Stop Stronger, Finish Faster

A strong stop will help a run finish faster, and some horses are just made for it.


Heading, from a Heeler’s Point of View with Clint Summers

Seeing the run from a heeler's perspective makes understanding the handle a whole lot easier.

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