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Use Your Feet with Brock Hanson

Using you feet better in the box, in the corner and through the face can speed up your run and make your horse more comfortable with his job.


The Heel Horse’s Start

A whole lot of ink is spent talking about the start on the head side. Trey Yates breaks down how he gets rolling on the heels.


The Tight Rope Through the Handle with Charly Crawford

How and why keeping a tight rope through the handle matters.


5 Tips for Slowing the Corner Down with Manny Egusquiza

Header Manny Egusquiza shows how slowing the corner down for his heelers actually makes the whole run faster.


Patience Through the Turn with Wesley Thorp

2019 World Champion Heeler Wesley Thorp breaks down how he uses patience through the turn when heeling in five steps.

TRJ Extra

Team Roping Journal Extra Volume 2: Lari Dee Guy

Team roping and Breakaway training and horsemanship tips from Lari Dee Guy


Contrasting Two Types of Heeling Position with Brad Culpepper

Brad Culpepper talks about the two types of heeling positions.


Using A Dummy to Get Your Horse’s Attention with Rich Skelton

Rich Skelton on using the dummy to get your horses paying attention and learning quicker.


Patrick Smith: Are You Pressing the Wrong Buttons?

Why what your body does during a run is something you can’t afford to overlook.


Eliminate Wasted Motion with Cody Snow

Four-time Wrangler NFR qualifier Cody Snow has been working on cutting extra movement out of his run.

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