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5 Steps to Handling Cattle with Charly Crawford

n August of 2014, we covered Charly Crawford’s first five steps to a team roping run. Now, we’ll look at the next five.


Be Fast in the Middle with Coleman Proctor

Shave off tenths while heading with these team roping tips from Coleman Proctor


Setting Up the Shot with Ryan Motes

How to rope faster on the heel side with NFR qualifier Ryan Motes

Team Roping Tips

Setting Up the Handle with Charly Crawford

The right position when heading can make all the difference in the handle you give your heeler.


Being Aggressive on Fresh Cattle with Nick Sartain

World Champ Nick Sartain talks fresh steers


Turtle Powell: Keep Your Good Horses Good

World champion Turtle Powell talks about how to keep your good head horse flat and firing.


5-Flat: The Heeler’s First Swing with Buddy Hawkins

The importance of the heeler's first swing

Patrick Smith


Developing a Good Stop with Patrick Smith

Getting your horse's slide right with two-time World Champion Patrick Smith

Rodeo Road

Trevor Brazile’s Top Five Horses

Brazile breaks down the five best horses of his career


Travis Graves: How a Heeler Should See the Corner

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