Horse Health Care

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Team Roping Horse Leg & Joint Care Issue: Team Roping Journal Extra, Volume 20
Understanding noisy joints, gear essentials, to use or not to use shipping wraps and helping your senior horse in the long haul, brought to you by Cosequin.
Sleep is for Winners
As a competitor, you know the importance of sleep. But have you considered whether your equine partner is getting a restful sleep so he can also perform his best?
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5 Tips Improving Your Horse's Range of Motion with CSI Saddle Pads
Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Rhonda Martin demonstrates five stretches to improve your horse’s flexibility.
How Your Rope Horse Feeding Program Can Solve Your In-Arena Problems
What and how you feed your rope horses can dramatically affect his in-arena performance.
Vaccinations are Inexpensive Insurance
Vaccinations are one of the cheapest, most essential items on the healthcare checklist.
You Missed a Spot!
Your horse’s fly protection getup may have a gap.
Cashel Fly Masks Protect Against More than Flies
We all know fly masks protect against flies. It’s in the name, right? But nowadays they can do a lot more.