Tucker White Stays Hooked in Badlands Circuit
Tucker White fine tunes his roping for the Badlands Circuit Standings home stretch.
Paden Bray's Secret to Keeping a Horse Soft
How Paden Bray uses an O-ring on all of his horses to keep them soft and responsive.
The Never-Ending Horse Hunt with Brady Minor
PRCA heeler Brady Minor plans to spend his next few rodeo-free months focusing on new and young horses.
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263 Caleb Anderson
Anderson's Golden Ticket: Sugar Bear Carrying Anderson to Shot at Vegas
Caleb Anderson's mare Sugar Bear is in the running for the Purina Horse of the Year Award presented by the American Quarter Horse Association after carrying him the lion's share of ProRodeo's 2019 regular season.
Brown's New Stick Comes Courtesy Courtney Motes' Quiet Hands
Luke Brown's Joseph was raised by Danny Connelly Motes and Winston Hansma in Weatherford, Texas, and trained by rodeo-wife extraordinary Courtney Motes.