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The Score: How to Handle First Steer Nerves with Jake Barnes

Purina brings you this Saturday team roping tip from, featuring Jake Barnes discussing why the first steer you run is so important and how to manage your nerves.


Both Hands Matter to Every Team Roper

Team Roping Tips

The Header’s Swing

Are you getting a figure-8 in your swing? Here's how to hold and swing your rope for the best loop.


What’s Your Reason for Roping?

Why do you rope, whether for a living or for fun?


Head Horse Build

Jake Barnes prioritizes horse performance above all else. But he's learned a thing or two about how conformation can affect performance.

As a header, I judge my handles on how easy I make it on my heeler. TRJ File Photo


Handling Steers & Helping Your Heeler

Jake Barnes on the importance of handling steers well.


The Master and The Kid Make Some Noise at La Fiesta in Tucson

Jake Barnes cracks out at the La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros ProRodeo in Tucson, Arizona.

Team Ropers

Calling All Roping Rookies: Friendly Advice from Jake Barnes

Team Roping News

Ward & Hawkins Rewrite Jake & Clay’s NFR Average Record

Code Cracked After 27 Years.

Your loop should basically be big enough to reach the steer’s horns and be tight from your saddle horn to the steer before you turn off. TRJ File Photo


Jake Barnes’ Fundamentals of Loop Size

Jake Barnes' tips on finding the right loop size in team roping.

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