CAPONE_JosepHarrison_JamesPhiferPhoto_NFR_Round7_Dec2020_TRJ-Digital_harrison joseph 12-9-20-CP-411
Powell's Picks: World Champ Turtle Powell Calls Round 9 Team Roping Chances
Speed Williams roping
Speed and Rich on Round-Winning NFR Magic
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Lari Dee Guy's NFR Team Roping Analysis Heading into Round 7
The Team Roping at NFR Texas According to Champ
Brady Minor's NFR Round 5 Analysis and Halfway-Point Breakdown
Round 5: Brandon Beers' Take on 2020 NFR Team Roping
Tyler Worley
Proctor's Pre-Round-4 Picks and Analysis
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Cheat Sheet: Motes Breaks Down Each Team's Round 3 Chances
NelsonWyatt_Phifer_NFR_2020_Dec_TRJ_Digital_wyatt nelson  -R1-12-3-20-AP-422
Cheat Sheet: World Champ Patrick Smith's Team-By-Team Pre-Round 2 Analysis
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Cheat Sheet: TWade's Team-By-Team Breakdown Heading Into Round 1