ChadMasters_WesleyThorp_NFR-Round9_Phifer_Dec2020_TRJ-Digital_masters chad -R9-12-11-20-EP-511
Masters and Thorp, Lovell and Eaves Split Round 9
ColbyLovell_Paul Eaves_NFR_Round8_Phifer_Dec2020_TRJ-Digital_eaves paul -R8-12-10-20-CP-547
Bittersweet: Lovell and Eaves Get Round 8 Win After Week of Brutal NFR Luck
CharlyCrawford_LoganMedlin_Phifer_NFR2020_TRJ-Digital_medlin logan  12-9-20-CP-497
Crawford and Medlin Get Piece of NFR Payout Pie in Round 7
SMITH_CORKILL_Round5_NFR2020_Dec2020-TRJDigital -R5-12-7-20-AP-0545
Whole New Ballgame: Smith and Corkill Smoke 'Em in Round 5
Dustin Egusquiza heading a steer for Travis Graves at the 2020 NFR.
Make That Two: Egusquiza and Graves Get Second-Straight Round Win
Egusquiza and Graves Jump to Early Lead World Standings with 3.8-Second Round 2 Win
LukeBrown_JosephHarrison_Round1NFR_Phifer_2020_DecTRJDigitalbrown luke -R1-12-3-20-AP-499
NFR 2020: Definitely Different and Absolutely Appreciated
No Fear: Rogers and Bray Tee Off in Round 1
Jake Barnes' NFR Pregame Huddle
The Short Score BONUS: 2019 World Champions Clay Smith and Wesley Thorp