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Team Roping Tips

The Header’s Swing

Are you getting a figure-8 in your swing? Here's how to hold and swing your rope for the best loop.

Team Roping Tips

Rope Maintenance

Need to prime your heel rope? Matt Sherwood demonstrates how to put a good stretch on one.

Rhen Richard

Team Roping News Launches New Training Video Series with Leading Futurity Trainer Rhen Richard and World Champion Jeremy Buhler

In a new series on, we take you into the practice pen with Rhen Richard and Jeremy Buhler.

Team Roping Tips

Practice Runs

Team Roping Tips

Colt-Starting Series: Outside Riding 101

Miles Baker breaks down how he makes sure to keep his horses in positive situations in the pasture.

Team Roping Tips

Breaking the Heeling Barrier

There's little worse in team roping than breaking the heeling barrier.

Team Roping Tips

Heeling Donkeys Part 2: What Makes a Good Heeling Donkey

What makes a good heeling donkey?

Team Roping Tips

The Mechanics of the Sliding Stop

How exactly do you create and reinforce a slide in a heel horse?

Team Roping Tips

Is There a Such Thing As Too Much Slide?

Is there such a thing as too much slide? Trevor Brazile says 'Nah.' Here's why.

Team Roping Tips

Heeling Donkeys Part 1: The Benefits of a Heeling Donkey

Are you using a heeling donkey? Clay O'Brien Cooper has some tips for using one in the practice pen.

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