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Full Heeling Dummy Roping Lesson with Matt Sherwood

In this video, Matt explains position on the ground on the heeling dummy.

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Leaning in the Box: Quick Fix

In this breakaway roping video, NFR header Brenten Hall explains how he keeps his head horses standing square and leaving flat.

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What Do You Do When Your Header Pulls Up Mid-Run?

Here's what to do on your heel horse when your header misses.

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Colt-Starting Series: Shoulder Control

Miles Baker rides a green 4-year-old by their stud Show Me The Buckles and talks through how he wants their shoulders to move and why.

Roping Practice Session

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Roping Practice Session with Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager

Watch Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager in this practice session.

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Dialing Back Down Aggressive Green Horses | Practice Session

In this video, Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager talk through their approach to an entire practice session, complete with live runs and box work.

Reaching Fundamentals

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Reaching Fundamentals with Clay Smith

Clay Smith explains how to shorten the margin of error when a run doesn't go as planned.

Clay Smith Riding to Your Target Square

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Riding to Your Target Square

Leaning away from your throw will prevent consistent catching.

Breakover Clay Smith

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Breakover with Clay Smith

Keep power in your swing.

Dummy Roping Routine Clay Smith

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Clay Smith’s Dummy Roping Routine

Roping the dummy is crucial for improving your roping skills.

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