Team Roping Bits

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World Champion Header Clay Smith's Go-To Bit
This month’s favorite bit: Clay Smith’s Gordy Alderson bit.
5 Team Ropers Share Their Favorite Bits
Garett Chick, Tyler Whitlow, Whitney DeSalvo, Kayelen Helton and Brandon Bates share their favorite bits and what they like about them.
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The Bits That Won the World: 2000 to Present
The complete list of team roping world champions, their horses and the bits they used to win world titles from 2000 to 2020.
1982NFR_Paul left, Monty joe
The Roper’s Bit Man: Paul Petska
Rodeoing and training horses has always been a part of the Petska legacy, but the claim to fame are Paul Petska’s Petska Bits that are ridden by nearly every team roper around the world.
Clayton Van Aken's Guide Piece
This month’s favorite bit is Clayton Van Aken's Greg Darnell bit.
Brooks Dahozy's DT Stopper
This month’s favorite bit is Brooks Dahozy's DT Stopper by Randy Reid.
Break and Flex: Corkill's Bit Choice
This Month's favorite bit is a Myler Square Port ridden by Jade Corkill.
Kaleb Driggers Junior Nogueira
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