Team Roping Heeling Tips

Riding for a Fast Heel Shot with Jake Long
Jake Long knows how to heel fast. Here he explains how to ensure a fast shot when heeling.
Diving Into the Details with Clay O'Brien Cooper
Clay O'Brien Cooper explains how details make a difference in climbing the team roping later to success.
148 Travis Graves
How to Position Short-Strided and Long-Strided Heel Horses with Travis Graves
Travis Graves shares insights on how to position short-strided and long-strided heel horses.
Paden Bray’s $100K Heel Shot
Paden Bray's step-by-step breakdown on how he survived RFD-TV's The American Top 4 Round with Erich Rogers.
5 Steps to Re-Energizing Your Roping
How Kory Koontz reinvigorated his roping before his 2021 Bob Feist Invitational win.
Hazing: Helping Your Header Without Hurting Your Position.
Here are the insights on how to help your partner without hurting yourself.
Good Timing is Essential to Success with Clay O'Brien Cooper
Clay O'Brien Cooper's outlook on how having good timing when heeling is essential to success.