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Wesley Thorp Hunter Koch Vet Check

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: Vet Check with Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch

Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch talk about what should and shouldn't matter in a vet check in this episode of "The Short Score."

Billie Jack Saebens | Kevin

Rope Horse Care

The Comebacks of Billie Jack Saebens’ Kevin

Billie Jack Saebens is Back in Black on Domino Lena.

Patrick Smith and Turbo

Rope Horse Care

Patrick Smith’s Roping Remuda Prescribed R&R

Patrick Smith heel horse string recovers from injuries.

Rope Horse Care

Corkill’s Champ Sidelined Indefinitely

Jade Corkill's Champ tore the straight sesamoidean ligament in his left front foot during the long round at RFD-TVs The American in March 2021, sidelining the gray gelding indefinitely.

Rope Horse Care

Can Any Horse REALLY Pass a Vet Check?

When it’s time to buy, how can you trust it’s a sound investment?

Rope Horse Care

Egusquiza’s Dude Loses Sight in Left Eye

Dustin Egusquiza's No.1 head horse Dude is battling an eye infection that has the horse temporarily blind.

Rope Horse Care

Shoeing Adjustments Help Yates’ Duke Return to Rodeo Action

Trey Yates has his strip-faced sorrel horse, Duke, back in the trailer after a shoeing adjustment.

Rope Horse Care

The Golden Years: Helping Your Senior Horse

Learn how to help avert common senior horse health issues.

Rope Horses

Odds Are, Your Rope Horse Has Ulcers.

If you have a picky eater or a cinchy horse or one with a sore back, it could be ulcers.

Rope Horse Care

Kissing Spine: The True Story

Everybody’s talking about kissing spine, but what should you believe? Here we’ll separate facts from fallacies about this common condition.

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