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"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: May 7, 2019

McCluskey and Mattern Win Guymon.

Team Roping Gear

Bobby Jean Colyer’s #9 World Series of Team Roping Finale X Top 10 Buckle

Bruneau, Idaho's Bobby Jean Colyer talks about the significance behind her #9 World Series of Team Roping Finale X Top 10 buckle.

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: April 16, 2019 News Update

Hosts Chelsea Shaffer and Kaitlin Gustave share industry news.


Never Miss A Jackpot: TRJ May Issue Event Ads

Don't want to miss a jackpot? Check out the event ads from the May Issue of The Team Roping Journal.

Team Ropers

Born to Succeed: Roping Brings Braxten Nielsen Back from Paralysis

Braxten Nielsen turns to community, mental toughness and team roping to overcome paralysis.

Team Roping News

15 Came to Play: RFD-TV’s The American Cowboy #10 Draw

The American Cowboy #10 short round details at the 2019 RFD-TV’s The American.

Team Roping News

#9 Heartland Victory: Acuna and Wiest

Clay Acuna and Tracy Wiest won the #9 Heartland Finale after roping four head in 38.62 seconds.

Team Roping News

Perfect Timing: Johnson and Johnson Pair-up for $35K Businessman’s Payday

Gary Johnson and Dustin Johnson won the #11.5 Businessman's Roping at the Wildfire Roping XXI in Hamilton, Texas' Circle T Arena.

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