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Brady Minor on Attitude and Sportsmanship | #RoadtoNFR14

Minor talks about his partnership with his brother and his winning mentality.


Kaleb Driggers: Mathematician | #RoadtoNFR14

Kaleb Driggers is the best at calculating the scenarios for the top 15 in the World, according to Turtle Powell.


Allen Bach | Team Roping Mentor | #RoadtoNFR14

Big Al talks about what it's meant to him to help so many young ropers.

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Brazile and Graves Tie Richards and Bach in Champions Challenge Finale

And the race for the #15 spot in the World is still too close to call.

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Begay and de la Cruz Reunite | #RoadtoNFR14

Their 4.1 in Omaha could help Cesar make the Wrangler National Finals.

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Richards and de la Cruz Win Omaha | #RoadtoNFR14

de la Cruz gets his third Omaha win

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Fred Whitfield Checks in from the Rough and Ready Rodeo | #RoadtoNFR14

8-Time World Champ Fred Whitfield talks about the Rough and Ready Rodeo in Omaha, Neb.

Rodeo Road

Masters and Cooper Lead Omaha | #RoadtoNFR14

Masters and Cooper are in the fight of their lives to make the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Team Ropers

Squaring Up: PRCA Board Votes Down Equal Money for Team Ropers

This summer, the PRCA Board of Directors voted down a resolution that would have mandated that all rodeos add equal money to both the heading and heeling sides of the team roping.

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Ty Blasingame’s #RoadtoNFR14

Blaster talks about staying close to home this year.

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