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New NRS Ladies Boots to Kick Off Spring

The NRS Women's Rios Ride Ready boots are a Spring essential.

Team Roping Gear

Father’s Day Roping Gear Guide

Show dad the love with this go-to team roping gear.

Team Roping Gear

5 Drags to Level Your Roping Arena

Top of the line arena drags that will help you keep your roping arena safe to help your team roping horses perform their best.

Team Roping Tips

Cowboy Enough to Use Split Reins? Here’s When and How.

Split reins serve a unique purpose in a team roper's horse training program. Trevor Brazile explains how he uses them in and out of the arena.

Team Roping Gear

Bit Junkie: Kollin VonAhn’s Scott Ironworks Bit

Two-time World Champion heeler Kollin VonAhn on his bit of choice.

Team Roping Gear, Horses & Cattle

The Science of Western Saddle Pads

Saddle pad selection can play a key role in your success in the arena.


Tie-Down Theory with Trevor Brazile

Adjusting the tie-down is all about setting boundaries for your horse without locking him in.

Team Roping Gear

Knockin’ Boots: Professional Team Ropers Favorite Boots

Team Roping Gear

Team Ropers Favorite Spurs

Patrick Smith, Lane Ivy, Dakota Kirchenschlager, Ryan Motes, and Clint Summers share what they like about their spurs.

Team Roping Gear

Walt Woodard’s Bit of Choice

Walt Woodard explains one of the bits he is using from his bit line and why he likes it.

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