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Mares and Mommas

The beauty of working rope-horse moms.

Kaleb Driggers and WSR Hesa Alive at The American 2023

Rope Horses

Kaleb Driggers Shifts into High Gear Aboard Transmission

Approaching 20 years old, Transmission is still showing other head horses how it’s done, winning $100,000 with Kaleb Driggers astride at The American Rodeo.


Rope Horses

Wilsons are 2/2 After “Honkey Tonk” Tops The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio for $160K

Brooke and Rodey Wilson are two-for-two on high sellers at The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio after consigning 2015 gelding TRR Kadabra Kat to online buyer Javier Rodriguez for $160,000 at the 2023 event..

Rancho Rio Horse Sale


How to Watch the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio

How do you watch the Horse Sale at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona, March 11? Find the livestream here, as well as the sale catalog.

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Pedigrees of The American Rodeo 2023 Heel Horses

The American Rodeo features the best team roping horses in the sport in Arlington, Texas’s Globe Life Field.

American Rodeo Head Horses

Rope Horses

Pedigrees of The 2023 American Rodeo’s Head Horses

The 2023 American Rodeo will feature 10 of the best head horses in professional team roping in Arlington, Texas's Globe Life Field.

Big Time Movie Star Queen Heeling Miles Baker


Paint ‘Big Time Movie Star’ is Now All-Time Top-Earning Rope Horse Mare

Owned by the Relentless Remuda and Solo Select, breeders can now access ‘Queen’s’ embryos via Select Genes.

Rope Horses

Why the Numbers Matter: Tracking Rope Horse Earnings

For the first time, the money rope horses win at jackpots can be documented through flagship databases like the American Quarter Horse Association’s QData. Here’s why it matters.

Wesley Thorp roping on French Streakin at the Roping Futurities of America.

Rope Horses

Yes, Wesley Thorp Just Won $40,000 *Heading* on an A Streak Of Fling.

Wesley Thorp and 4-year-old French Streakin cashed in at the 2023 Roping Futurities of America Heading Derby for $40,000.

Rope Horses

The Magic of Blue: Coy Rahlmann’s Secret Weapon

Coy Rahlmann and Tanner Tomlinson had great rodeo seasons. Is it a coincidence they both rode Blue? The rodeo world thinks not.

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