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Correcting a Shouldering Heel Horse

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ARHFA – All Placing Heading Runs – All Rounds

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CTEC 2022 – Round 5


Key to the Heeling Delivery

Walt Woodard's key to unlocking the heeling delivery.


Walt Woodard’s Four Steps to the Heading Swing

Walt Woodard key steps to the team roping heading swing.


How to Get the Team Roping Heeler’s Swing

Walt Woodard breaks down how to get the heeler's swing.


Walt Woodard’s Tips On Why Your Horse Stops

Walt Woodard's tips for why a heel horse stops before you ask them to.

Walt Woodard


The No. 1 Reason People Can’t Heel

Walt Woodard's explanation as to why ropers can't heel and what they can do to work on it.

Latest Videos

Finding and Trouble-Shooting the Weakness in a Team Roping Horse

Walt Woodard's suggestion for ropers to find the weakness in their team roping horse.


Heading Ruler: Putting A Steer Between You and The Steer when Heading with Walt Woodard

Walt Woodard's tips for finding your lane when heading to maximize your catch percentage.

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