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Going Through the Paces: The Process of Developing Your Futurity Prospect

With the growth of the futurity business, will rope horses suffer by being pushed too hard too soon? Only in the wrong hands.

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Trevor Brazile & Miles Baker | Practice Session Spring 2022

Dustin Equisquiza backed in the box on his horse, ready to rope


How Dustin Egusquiza Angles His Head Swing

Dustin Egusquiza explains how he adjusts swing to get clean head catches.

Team Roping Tips

Dustin Bird Breaks Down His Record-Breaking Run at the Montana Circuit Finals

What it takes to break an arena record.


7 Tips for Managing a Rope Horse That Gets Too Strong

Don't pick fights with a strong horse. Work with him.

Team Roping Tips

5 Roping Fundamentals to Teach Children, with Kory Koontz

Kory Koontz teaches children the fundamentals of roping, saving them headaches for years to come.


How to Keep Your Horse Running Straight to the Steer

Tyler Merrill explains how to keep your horse running straight to the steer to give you the best shot possible. 

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Getting Where You Need to Be

Developing consistency and control is learned through patience and practice.

Team Roping Tips

Practice Your Control on Slow Cattle with Ryan Motes

Using slow practice cattle for position and control.

Jake Barnes

Improving Your Roping in the Information Age: Digital Training Tools for Team Ropers

There are more digital training tools for team ropers than ever before. Use them.

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