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Clay O'Brien Cooper

Multitasking is Mandatory in Every Run


Both Hands Matter to Every Team Roper

Team Roping Tips

The Header’s Swing

Are you getting a figure-8 in your swing? Here's how to hold and swing your rope for the best loop.

Team Roping Tips

Rope Maintenance

Need to prime your heel rope? Matt Sherwood demonstrates how to put a good stretch on one.


What’s Your Reason for Roping?

Why do you rope, whether for a living or for fun?

Miles Baker Head Horse Training

Team Roping Tips

Reinforcing Respect in the Bridle

How can you reinforce cues in your head horses and heel horses? The Relentless Remuda's Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker explain.


Checklist: Are You Causing Your Horse to Drop His Shoulders?

What could you be doing wrong to cause your horse to drop his shoulders through the turn? My pet peeve is a horse that drops his shoulders through the turn. Some guys don’t mind it but, for me, when my horse drops his shoulders, I cannot take my first shot and my finish will not be fast enough because the horse is getting pulled forward because he’s not working on his hind end. That matters in both the futurities and the rodeos—judges are looking for horses strong to the horn and flaggers stop the clock when the run comes together fast on the horse’s hind end.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Your Riding Style Impacts Your Roping Longevity

Your riding style affects your ability to have a long career in the roping arena.

Team Roping Tips

Fine Tuning Horsemanship: Allowing Your Horse to Read Your Energy

In this month’s issue, Bobby Mote talks on page 40 about how Miles Baker and I helped him with his body position going to the steer. I want to elaborate here.


Body-Position Breakthrough: Practical Advice That Changed Bobby Mote’s Heading

How Bobby Mote is changing his upper body to get tighter loops and add rate to his running-bred horses.

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