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Ropers celebrate

"The Score" Podcast

Tracking Rope Horse Earnings Matters. Here’s Why.

Rope horse earnings matter, and The Score Podcast explains why the new partnership with Riata Buckle and QData has such implications.

Doescher steer wrestling

"The Score" Podcast

Doescher Says Cinch Timed Event Championship is “Life-Changing Money”

Cody Doescher's $107,000 CTEC check will change the Oklahoma-native's life.

Matt Sherwood Logan Cullen

"The Score" Podcast

Buying and Selling: Gold Buckle Horse Sale’s Rope Horse Solution

Gold Buckle Horse Sales is setting out to take the uncertainty out of horse shopping. Matt Sherwood and Troy Goeckeritz explain on The Score.

Dalton Turner and Daniel Braman rope at the 2023 Lone Star Shootout team roping.

"The Score" Podcast

Who are the Lone Star Shootout Champs Dalton Turner and Daniel Braman?

Dalton Turner and Daniel Braman on The Score Podcast

Kaleb Driggers throwing rope at steer

"The Score" Podcast

Sunday Binge: 5 Team Roping Podcasts to Binge with Your Kids

These are the podcasts you'll be glad you listened to with your kiddos, whether they're team ropers or otherwise.

Billy Myers Mr Sassy Frenchman

"The Score" Podcast

Horse Market Report: Platinum Medal Futurity’s Billy Myers on Growth and Consistency in Breeding Business

Where the Myers family's historic program fits into the booming rope horse business and what ropers need to know about the Platinum Medal Futurity.

Cesar de la Cruz

"The Score" Podcast

5 Episodes of The Score to Binge on a Post-Football Sunday

No football to watch. No big short rounds on Sunday. Better binge-listen to The Score. Here's a custom playlist we made just for you today.

Andrew Ward Buddy Hawkins Katy Lucas Fort Worth

"The Score" Podcast

Winter Rodeo Report: Clay Smith and Jake Long, Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins

Royal Crown Champs Vaughn Warken and JT Risin Sensation

"The Score" Podcast

Royal Crown Champs Brazile, Kirchenschlager, Holcomb and Warken on The Score

Royal Crown Champs Brazile, Kirchenschlager, Holcomb and Warken on The Score

This Catt Shines Ty Smith

"The Score" Podcast

Horse Market Report: Solo Select’s Ty Smith’s Take on the 2023 Rope Horse Business

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