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The Score also features audio-editions of popular articles in The Team Roping Journal, from profiles of great ropers read by the authors themselves to critical stories you might have missed that put the roping industry into perspective. With six years of episodes and one 2 million downloads, The Score is the team roping industry’s go-to podcast resource.


The Latest

Charly Crawford heading a steer at the 2020 NFR.

"The Score" Podcast

Breaking Down Misses with Charly Crawford

When a miss happens, it's important to break it down into a productive tool.

Junior Nogueria heeling a steer at the 2023 Windy Ryon.

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: Memorial Day Weekend Jackpot Update

The big winners from Memorial Day Weekend ropings in 2023.

Matt Sherwood at the NFR.

"The Score" Podcast

The High Call Mental Game with Matt Sherwood

Cody Snow Riata Buckle

"The Score" Podcast

What You Need to Know About the 2023 Riata Buckle Stallion Incentive

Denny Gentry on The Score Podcast with host Chelsea Shaffer.

The champions of the 2023 Women's Rodeo World Championship pose with their checks.

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: 2023 WRWC Team Roping Champions

WPRA world champs Martha Angelone and Jackie Crawford partnered up to take home the 2023 Women's Rodeo World Championship Team Roping title.

Travis Graves in the heeling box getting ready to rope.

"The Score" Podcast

Correcting a Shouldering Heel Horse

Riley Kittle and Jace Helton rope their Showdown Round steer at Rodeo Corpus Christi. Image courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media.

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: 2023 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi

On this episode of The Short Score listen to the Progressive Round performance winners and the Rodeo Corpus Christi champs after their runs.

Clay O'Brien Cooper Team Roping Journal

"The Score" Podcast

How To Mentally Block Out Things Going On Outside The Arena


"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: Crossfire Rule Update

PRCA Pro Official Harry Rose clears up some questions on the new crossfire rule, and 2019 World Champ Wesley Thorp discusses the process of rewriting and proposing the new rule.

Jake Barnes

"The Score" Podcast

Practice with Intent

Jake Barnes discusses how working on yourself and your horses, and using your practice time wisely leads to success.

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