A High Top Strand: Jeremy Buhler Talks RodeoHouston Winning Run
Jeremy Buhler breaks down the 5.5-second run that earned him a RodeoHouston team roping title.
Clay O'Brien Cooper heeling on one of his favorite horses: Ike.
Special Horses: My Big Three
Clay O'Brien Cooper shares his favorite horses and the impact they had on his career.
How Trey Yates Helps Young Rope Horses Relax in the Box
Trey Yates' simple process to help young rope horses relax in the box.
Patrick Smith backed into the roping box on a horse.
Heelers, Here's How You Can Improve Your Timing
Patrick Smith explains how to hone your sense of timing.
Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins walk across the stage after winning the 2022 The American Rodeo.
If You Can See It, You Can Do It
"Visualization" might sound a bit out there, but it's a powerful tool for improving your roping game.
joseph harrison video still
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