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Junior Zambrano Ranks No.1 in Resistol Rookie Heelers Standings

Junior Zambrano, 24, of Nogales, Arizona is now the No.1 ranked Resistol Rookie heeler with $21,836.17 in PRCA earnings.

James Arviso

Team Ropers

Young Gun James Arviso is Making a Name for Himself

Meet James Arviso, the young-gun team roping phenom, who just turned 19 and hails from Seba Dalkai, Arizona.

Bill Force

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Tour de Force: Lt. Col. Bill Force

Lt. Col. Bill Force (ret.) was military first, then law enforcement. Since sinking his teeth into team roping, he’s putting all of his networks to work doing immeasurable good.

Tamm West-White

Team Ropers

She-Wolf: Tammy West-White Is the PRCA’s Winningest Female Team Roper

For Tammy West-White, the PRCA’s winningest female team roper, there was never a glass ceiling—only the love of the sport.

Cotton Rosser

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So Long and Thank You, Cotton Rosser

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How to Win in Team Roping: Headers’ Edition

Heading Edition In the lower divisions, what specific skills separate the consistent winners from the rest of the pack? We surveyed the industry’s leaders and top producers for their seasoned perspectives.

Inner Strength

Controlling Your Destiny: Game-Changing Habits of the Roping Industry’s Most Successful

The habits we form over a lifetime are what set up our successes or foster our failures. While some people subconsciously form habits based on those around them, the way they were raised or social norms, others intentionally build habits that set them up to achieve their goals. 

Team Ropers

Young-Gun Kreece Thompson Holds His Own In Resistol Rookie Heading Standings

Kreece Thompson, 19, of Munday, Texas, currently ranks No.2 in the Resistol Rookie heading standings with a total of $22,058.52 in PRCA earnings to date.

Team Ropers

Racehorse Trainer Casey Lambert’s Long-time Love of Team Roping

Casey Lambert is a life-long team roper who found his fame in the race horse business. Senior Editor Kendra Santos interviewed him after he watched his son—who is on the Autism Spectrum—win his first ever buckle.

Roberto Torres Jr

Team Ropers

El Charro: Roberto Torres, Jr.

For 20-some years, Colorado's Roberto Torres, Jr., has been swinging a rope as a team roper, but also as an internationally competitive charro.

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