Author: G.R. Schiavino

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Travis Beck: All-Around Airman
Travis Beck’s rodeo roots were so strong, he even competed while stationed in Germany with the Air Force. Today, he’s still competing for the all-around, in the rodeo arena and by helping numerous military-focused organizations complete their missions to serve.
Marcus Becerra Has a Day Job, It Isn’t Flagging
Texas’ Marcus Becerra credits the flagging opportunities he’s had with keeping things afloat at times but, these days, his insurance business is doing the heavy lifting.
Opportunity Knocks: Jarvis Russette
For Jarvis Russette, enlisting in the Army before his senior year of high school seemed like his best opportunity. Now, after retiring from the military and law enforcement, it’s the roping that keeps opening doors.
Top 5 Headers in Voracious Resistol Jr. Champion Race
While the heelers hit a lull, the headers of USTRC Resistol JR Champion race are hungry for action and earnings.
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Veterans Day Salute: Team Ropers Who Served
In the team roping community, you don't have to look far to find someone who served our country. This Veterans Day, here's a look at some of their stories.
PAFRA World Championship
Love of Country & Team Roping
The yearly success of the all-volunteer PAFRA World Championships is thanks to people like Corby Kudron, their team roping director.
Mike White
From California & Camp Pendleton to Cowtown & the Pentagon
In his 22-year career as a U.S. Marine, Chief Warrant Officer Mike White has traveled the globe in service to his country. Now, from his current Pentagon post, he’s honoring his California roping roots at New Jersey’s Cowtown Rodeo.
Resistol JR
Georgia Switchender Enters Top 5 on Both Sides of the Resistol JR Champion Race 
Leaders in the USTRC Resistol Jr Champion heading and heeling races turned up the heat in August and brought the points, and Georgia’s Houston Childers is getting it done on both ends.
Greg Ziel - Pay It Forward - May 2022 Issue
Pay It Forward: Retired Vegas Police Officer Greg Ziel Turns to Team Roping for Healing
Retired Las Vegas police officer Greg Ziel has turned to team roping for healing, and he’s doing it with a horse that has a history of helping.
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