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Clay O'Brien Cooper

Getting Where You Need to Be

Developing consistency and control is learned through patience and practice.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Winning When You’re Down

Confidence comes easy when you're on a winning streak, but how can team ropers stay positive during a lull?

Gold Buckle NFR Clay O'Brien Cooper

Team Ropers

Getting Over the Gold Buckle Hump

NFR Horses

Rope Horses

Let’s Hear it for the Horses

Wesley Thorp Salinas Phil Doyle

Team Ropers

Going At It with Focus, Fire and Intensity

Clay O'Brien Cooper Team Roping Journal

Team Ropers

Living Your Best Rodeo Life

As Clay O' says, “It’s pretty cool to get to live the life you always dreamed of.”

Team Roping Gear, Horses & Cattle

The Dirty Business of Good Ground Conditions 

Smart cowboys make the effort to get their ground good for their horses at home, too. Our horses are expensive, and they mean a lot to us. Ground conditions affect how they work and their longevity.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Multitasking is Mandatory in Every Run

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Your Riding Style Impacts Your Roping Longevity

Your riding style affects your ability to have a long career in the roping arena.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Compete Like Clay O: Trust Your Team Roping Training

Clay O'Brien Cooper breaks down putting the mechanical parts of team roping together, trusting your training and making the play when the money’s up.

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