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Clay O'Brien Cooper

Your Riding Style Impacts Your Roping Longevity

Your riding style affects your ability to have a long career in the roping arena.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Compete Like Clay O: Trust Your Team Roping Training

Clay O'Brien Cooper breaks down putting the mechanical parts of team roping together, trusting your training and making the play when the money’s up.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Maximizing Practice on Steers of All Speeds

Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about getting the most out of practicing on all types of steers.

Positive Thinking Clay O'Brien Cooper Team Roping Journal


Never Underestimate The Power of Positive Thinking

Navigating your outlook with Clay O'Brien Cooper.


Clay O’Brien Cooper: Keep Challenging Yourself

Clay O' talks about the evolving changes in the roping world.


TRANSITION TIME: New Partner, New Horse

Clay O' talks about his new partnership and new ride.

Heel Horse Horsemanship Clay O'Brien Cooper


Controlling Your Horse vs. Letting Him Run on Instinct

Clay O'Brien Cooper's take on heel horse horsemanship.


The Power of Thought Management

How we perceive a situation affects our success.


Little Things Make a Big Difference in Team Roping

Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about the small details that make BIG differences in team roping.


Putting the Focus on Horsemanship Can Change the Game.

The various definitions of team roping horsemanship with Clay O’Brien Cooper

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