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Rodeo Road

Buckle Up with Justin Davis

The Texas header is in the middle of the greatest battle of his life as his wife Casee undergoes chemotherapy for breast cancer.

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Correct Swing Going Down the Arena Heeling with JoJo LeMond

LeMond reviews position, swing and horsemanship in this video from X Factor Roping.


Biting Flies = Lost Shoe?

The Added Benefits of Fly Protection for your Horse’s Legs


A Better Kind of Fly Sheet

Does your fly sheet do all that it could?


You Missed a Spot!

Your horse’s fly protection getup may have a gap.


Cashel Fly Masks Protect Against More than Flies

We all know fly masks protect against flies. It’s in the name, right? But nowadays they can do a lot more.

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Heel Loop Delivery with Trey Johnson

Trey Johnson talks to X Factor Roping about heel loop delivery.

Latest Videos

Hand Positon While Riding with JoJo LeMond

JoJo LeMond reviews the way hand position affects horsemanship and team roping.

Latest Videos

JoJo LeMond’s Dummy Basics

LeMond reviews elbow position in his dummy roping swing.

Latest Videos

Trey Johnson on Hazing Position

Johnson explains how to give your header a great haze to set up a fast, consistent run on

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