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Heeler Horsemanship Trevor Brazile


The Heeler’s Struggles

I saw an online survey asking ropers what their No. 1 struggle is on the heel side. The most common answer was position, but I have an amendment to that.



Roping’s Much-Needed Horsemanship Refocus

The best way to improve your team roping is to improve your horsemanship.

Trevor Brazile Rope Horse Trainer

Rope Horses

Money Well Spent: Investing in a Good Trainer

Time with a solid horse trainer is one of the best investments you can make in this business.

Facing Team Roping Trevor Brazile


Here’s How Headers Should Finish a Run When the Roping is Flagged on the Heels

Please: Don’t stop forward motion or turn up the arena to the catch pen.

Ride into the Box

Team Roping Tips

Is There a Right Way to Ride into the Head Box?

Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker talk about the way they ride their horses into the head box.

Head Horse Checklist Trevor Brazile

Team Roping Gear, Horses & Cattle

Trevor Brazile’s Junior Rodeo Head Horse Checklist

Here's Trevor Brazile's checklist for buying a head horse for his son's junior rodeo...

Team Roping Tips

Your Target & Position Has to Match Your Roping Style

Trevor Brazile

Team Roping Tips

How Much Should Your Young Head Horse Know BEFORE You Enter Him?

Trevor Brazile talks through the Relentless Remuda's rope-horse training benchmarks.

Team Roping Tips

Trevor Brazile’s Guide for Protecting Your Horse Investment

The rope horse market has exploded, and good horses are expensive. Here’s how you can protect your investment.


Is Your Body Movement Costing You Time in the Face?

If you’re moving your shoulders or hips more than you’re moving your horse’s shoulders and hips, you could be giving the steer his head back or keeping the flagger from stopping the run.

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