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Spurs: When & How to Use Them

Trevor Brazile applies an ALWAYS method to riding with spurs. Here are his thoughts on how and when to use them.

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The State of the Rope Horse Market with Trevor Brazile

Brazile, with 26 PRCA World Titles under his belt, talks through the state of the horse market as we emerge from the challenges of 2020 and the changes of 2021.

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How Do You Know If Your Head Horse is Jackpot Ready?

How 26-Time World Champion Trevor Brazile decides whether a head horse is ready for the pressure of a jackpot.

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A Horseman’s New Year’s Resolutions

Add consistency and discipline to your program and your life.

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Lessons Hard Learned with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile answers fan's question on the journey he has had with training FirewarterOnTheRocks, "Firecracker".

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Trevor Brazile: When and How to Use Your Left Hand

The way you use your left hand throughout the run is critical to providing clear and consistent signals to your head horse.

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The Thing About Switchenders with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile answers fans question about switchender horsepower.


Creating Good Scoring Habits: One Thing You’ve Got to Do to Keep Your Horse Listening

Providing your horse forward release is key to maintaining consistent cues, even when you're just scoring, says 25-time World Champ Trevor Brazile.


Maintaining a Fast Finish with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile answers fan question on what to do in the practice pen to keep his horses' finishing sharp.


Right-Leaded Head Horses are Flat Dangerous. Here’s How to Fix Them.

Trevor Brazile explains how to fix a right-leaded head horse.

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