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Ryan Motes: Whether Your Horse Needs a Tie-Down

Ryan Motes has some tips to help you decide whether your horse needs to wear a tie-down or now.

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X Factor Roping Tips with Ryan Motes

Defining the Levels of Progression in Heeling with Ryan Motes, by X Factor Roping

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Adapt and Change Your Swing with Jackie Crawford

Jackie Crawford shares tips on being able to adapt and change your swing.

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Controlling Your Horse’s Shoulders and Hips with Joseph Harrison

Harrison tips on controlling your horse's shoulders and hips.

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Heading the Dummy with Dustin Egusquiza

Egusquiza heading the dummy in slow motion.

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Releasing Your Left Hand to Relax Your Horse with Charly Crawford

Charly Crawford touches on how to relax your horse in the box, from X Factor Roping.


How Heading From Too Tight or Wide Position Can Affect Your Handles with JoJo LeMond

JoJo LeMond's position coming down the arena while heading, from X Factor Roping.

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Roping Low-Headed Steers with Hope Thompson

How to rope a head ducker, step-by-step, with WPRA World Champion Hope Thompson and X Factor Roping.

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2017 Broc Cresta Memorial Highlights

Flashback to the 2017 Broc Cresta Memorial from X Factor Roping.

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Scoring At World Series Ropings with David Key

Horse scoring strategies for team roping headers with David Key from X Factor Roping.

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