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Trevor Brazile Rope Horse Trainer

"The Score" Podcast

Managing Your Young Horse’s Progress in Preparation for Rope Horse Futurities

Trevor Brazile on "The Short Score," brought to you by Purina.

"The Score" Podcast

Challenging Yourself in the Practice Pen

Roping.com coach Kolton Schmidt on "The Short Score," brought to you by Purina

Reaching Roping

"The Score" Podcast

The Reach: Five Bombers Have Made It Pay

Chelsea Shaffer reads "The Reach," by Julie Mankin on "The Score"

Jess A Moose

"The Score" Podcast

Lightning Aguilera’s Jess A Moose is 2022’s Head Horse of the Year

"The Score," with Lightning Aguilera, brought to you by Fast Back Ropes

Anthony Lucia

"The Score" Podcast

Part 2: The Roper Behind the Microphone

Anthony Lucia talks with guest host, Casey Allen on this episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by the WCRA.

"The Score" Podcast

How To Regain Confidence After Missing A Steer with Matt Sherwood

Matt Sherwood on "The Score"

"The Score" Podcast

The Riata Buckle: Your Questions Answered

Denny Gentry is back to answer your questions about the Riata Buckle futurity on the latest episode of "The Score," brought to you by Cactus Ropes.

"The Score" Podcast

Train Yourself for Competition with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper on "The Short Score"

"The Score" Podcast

Speed Williams’ Practice Routine

In this bonus episode of "The Short Score," we have an audio clip from 2007 with eight-time World Champion Speed Williams talking about his practice routine with the editors of Spin To Win Rodeo.

Whitney DeSalvo

"The Score" Podcast

#WomenInRodeoMonth: Whitney DeSalvo

"The Score" with Whitney DeSalvo

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