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Patience in the Corner

Cole Davison


The Kind of Heel Shots That Build Confidence

When it’s time to throw a green horse to the fire, less is more. Cole Davison shows you the kind of shots that will help build confidence in the long run.


Key to the Heeling Delivery

Walt Woodard's key to unlocking the heeling delivery.


Walt Woodard’s Four Steps to the Heading Swing

Walt Woodard key steps to the team roping heading swing.

Hunter Koch


Green Horse Gameday Checklist

Hunter Koch's in-depth plan for preparing a green horse for competition.


How to Get the Team Roping Heeler’s Swing

Walt Woodard breaks down how to get the heeler's swing.


Walt Woodard’s Tips On Why Your Horse Stops

Walt Woodard's tips for why a heel horse stops before you ask them to.


Ryan Motes’ Step-By-Step Heel Horse Box Work Tips

With more and more people training and riding young horses, it’s important for us to be aware of how we handle those young horses in the box. There are tried-and-true strategies for keeping your young heel horses comfortable and calm in the box that will let you do your job as a heeler and keep your horses working for years to come.

Walt Woodard


The No. 1 Reason People Can’t Heel

Walt Woodard's explanation as to why ropers can't heel and what they can do to work on it.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Successful Team Ropers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Ropers of every shape and size can reach heading, heel with the best, be fast at both ends and be consistent.

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