Rope Horses
Kaleb Driggers Brock Hanson
Masters of the Craft
Driggers' Catch Percentage on 130 Steers at the ARHFA was 99.23%; Hanson's, on 171, was 98.83%.
96 Grey Lark action with Wormy_AQHA Journaljpg
they walked so we could run
The Precursors: The Pioneering Days of Rope Horse Futurities
Sevens Star Glo Cade Rice
Back-to-Back: Sevens Star Glo and Cade Rice Reign Supreme for Second ARHFA Heeling World Championship in 2023
Reys Sunset
All They Do is Win, Win
Reys Sunset and Rhen Richard Take 2023 ARHFA World Championship 4-Year-Old Heading Title
Nu One Time Blues Joseph Harrison Heel Horse
Nu Kid On Da Block
Nu One Time Blues and Joseph Harrison are 2023 ARHFA 4-Year-Old Heeling World Champions
Rufs Gunner Man
World Champs
"Good Horses Speak for Themselves" — Rufs Gunner Man & Gus Mosley are 2023 ARHFA Intermediate Heeling World Champs
Pedigrees of the Top 25 Heel Horses in 2023 ARHFA World Championship Short Round
Reys Sunset Rhen Richard
Short-Round Bound
Pedigrees of the Top 25 Head Horses in 2023 ARHFA World Championship Short Round
Trevor Brazile J.D. Yates Billie Jack Saebens
Mo Money Mo Problems
Top 10 Richest ARHFA Ropers of *ALL TIME*
Futurity head horse billie jack saebens
The Deets
It's ARHFA World Championship Time: Here's What You Need to Know