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Team Roping Heading Swings that Count with Walt Woodard

Walt Woodard's tips for roping the heading dummy with swings that count when in position.


Walt Woodard’s Team Roping Tips on Tying the Sawhorse or Not

Timing is everything in heeling, that is why Walt Woodard breaks down tying the sawhorse when practicing.

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The Beginning: Lari Dee Guy and Trevor Brazile’s Partnership

Lari Dee Guy and Trevor Brazile sit down to discuss how their friendship and partnership all started.

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WHOA. This is How to Use a Breakaway Hondo on a Head Horse.

Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker's tips on the benefits of breakaway roping on a head horse, brought to you by Cactus Ropes.

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What Habits are You Creating in Your Rope Horse?

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The Smith Brothers Eye CFD Semi-Finals

Britt and Jake Smith will compete in the Cheyenne Frontier Days semi-finals after roping two head in 20.6 seconds.

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Smith Brothers Advance to CFD Semi-Finals

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Summers and Ashford Advance to Cheyenne Frontier Days Semi-Finals

Clint Summers and Ross Ashford advance to the Cheyenne Frontier Days semi-finals.

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Rahlmann and Rich Stop Clock in 4.69 Seconds in WCRA Days of ’47Second Performance

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