Dean Oliver’s Buckle

In addition to my Spin To Win Rodeo duties, each year at the Wrangler NFR, I freelance for the ESPN broadcast. I work with Jennifer Smith, at the sideline interview position. Another freelance worker at that location is Dean Oliver, the 11-time world champion (8 tie-down, 3 all-around). That’s the fourth-most ProRodeo world titles in the sport?s history.

Anyway, over the years Dean and I have become friendly acquaintances. I’ve used him for a source on a few stories and hooked him up with a complimentary subscription to SWR.

On about the third night, Dean grabbed the buckle I wear. it’s a simple buckle that’s actually a knockoff of the E.H. Bohlin bronc rider. He asked, ?Where?d you get this buckle??

?10 bucks on Ebay,? I responded.

?You need a better one, ? he said. ?Give me your address, I’m going to send you one of mine.?

I did, and he did.

Dean Oliver’s Belt Buckle

Here’s a photo of it. it’s a beautiful Gist special edition buckle that honored Oliver as a rodeo legend and 11-time world champion. it’s numbered on the back.

So, Dean, thank you so much.

it’s very cool that he?d think of me in a way that he would go to the trouble?and sacrifice?of giving me a buckle. I’m deeply honored.

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