Pre-Summer World Champion Predictions

OK, so I know how absurd it is to make world champion predictions after the winter and spring rodeos. Some guys don’t even start going until Reno. it’s a little like picking a Super Bowl winner after the first three games of the season. Regardless, I’m obligated to fill this space occasionally, so why not make some outlandish predictions!


Well, at least one isn?t a shot in the dark: Trevor Brazile. Anybody got a problem with that one?

Bareback Riding

After winning his three world titles between 2003-06, Will Lowe has been shut out. He was second in 2007, then 7th, 11th, and 8th over the last few years. Common sense says it’s Kaycee Feild?s year, but I’m going with Lowe.

Steer Wrestling

Luke Branquinho is already leading the standings, He’s missed out on the gold buckle the last couple of years. there’s no reason he won?t reclaim the title this year.

Team Roping

I think Clay Tryan is singularly focused on redeeming himself after losing the title last year, and I think he’ll do it. Not sure, but I think he was embarrassed, ashamed and depressed by his performance (it wasn?t that bad, Clay). He’s got the same good horses and same good partner, he’ll make up for it this year and Travis Graves, being his steady self, will claim the heeling side.

Saddle Bronc Riding

After an amazing NFR last year, Jesse Wright made a fan out of me. He’s not in the top 15 now, but that’s how much he impressed me in Vegas last year. I’d love to pick Heith DeMoss or Wade Sundell one of these years, but I think they need a lead going in to the Finals.

Tie-Down Roping

Everybody?s welcome on this bandwagon. it’s Tuf Cooper?s year.

Steer Roping

Trevor?s got a nice lead. I see no reason he won?t maintain it.

Barrel Racing

Admittedly, my worst event. I’m going with Brittany Pozzi. She’s got a strong lead and good horses.

Bull Riding

This could be a great race between Shane Proctor and J.W. Harris. Harris will have to step it up a little, I think. The only advantage Harris might have is Proctor could potentially be worn out by working two associations. The call? Harris.

There it is. What do you think?

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