Revising My World Champion Predictions

Ok, so I thought I would revisit my May 4 world champion predictions and make some revisions. Although, as You’ll see, much of the standings have held steady. Of course, a big fall run with several high-paying rodeos (Ellensburg, Puyallup, Pendleton and Omaha) remains.

Who I picked: Trevor Brazile had a $50,000 lead when I picked him on May 4.
Who I think now: He’s now got a $110,000 lead. Think I’m staying put.

Bareback Riding
Who I picked: Will Lowe was in third place, and trailed the lead by $10,000.
Who I think now: Will Lowe is in first place by $5,000. Two for two!

Steer Wrestling
Who I picked: Luke Branquinho led Billy Bugenig by $5,000 when I picked him.
Who I think now: Luke Branquinho leads Billy Bugenig by $10,000. Gotta stay there.

Team Roping
Who I picked: Clay Tryan and Travis Graves. Tryan led Chad Masters by under $1,000. Travis Graves trailed Jade Corkill by around $2,000.
Who I think now: Clay Tryan trails Chad Masters by $7,000. Jade leads Travis by $10,000. It pains me not to pick Chad and Jade, but I think Clay is going to will his team to a world championship after the disappointing 2010.

Saddle Bronc riding
Who I picked: I went out on a limb and picked Jesse Wright. His 2010 NFR just wowed me. He was 12th in the world at the time.
Who I think now: Jesse Wright is seventh in the world and trails his big brother Cody by almost $60,000. I might have picked the wrong brother, here. I guess I’ll change my pick to Cody, however, Taos Muncy is still within striking distance.

Tie-Down Roping
Who I picked: Tuf Cooper was second in the world to his big brother Clint on May 4.
Who I think now: Now Tuf has overtaken Clint and leads by $13,000. Five for six ain?t too bad.

Steer Roping:
Who I picked: Trevor Brazile led by $16,000 when I made this prediction.
Who I think now: Trevor still leads. Now it’s by $13,000. I’m sticking with him.

Barrel Racing
Who I picked: Brittany Pozzi led Jody Sheffield by $16,000. That was an easy pick.
Who I think now: We just got word today that she was in some sort of horse accident. Preliminary reports sound positive?she might have even been released from the hospital, but it’s unclear how much it will affect her riding. Lindsay Sears has pulled within $23,000 (Sheffield has dropped to almost $50,000 behind). Pending more information on Brittany?s accident, I’m sticking with her, but if a door opens, expect Lindsay to run through it.

Bull Riding
Who I picked: J.W. Harris trailed Shane Proctor by $20,000 last year. I worried that Proctor might get worn out trying to work two associations, so I picked J.W.
Who I think now: Proctor has extended his lead to $34,000. it’s between those two men, but Proctor doesn’t seem to be wearing down. Still, I’m going to stick with J.W.?.for now.

there’s a lot of rodeo left and anything can happen. But, surprisingly, many of the leaders in May are still hanging in there in August. And one of my dark horse picks worked out and one didn’t. Of course, it almost doesn’t matter until December.

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